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Radiant Group Teams

Anwar Aman

Chief Executive Officer


Anwar Aman, as a CEO of Radiant Group, has over 25 years of experience in managing fast food chain restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations and commercial and residential real estate. His role primarily involves improving the operational and financial revenue streams, boosting market presence by alliances or acquisitions and leading the overall strategic planning of the organization.


Anwar was also one of the winners of Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 award. With his excellent educational background and vast experience and knowledge of acquisitions and mergers, Anwar went on to become a member of the Board of Directors of Tristate Trade Association (TTA) and is associated with National Alliance of Trade Association (NATA) that helps its members in optimizing their purchases via national agreements with vendors thus resulting in group purchasing power. He has also worked with vendors, brokers and various financial institutions to negotiate business packages for sale, lease, purchase, etc.


Today, Anwar and his group own and manage over 100 properties that consists of various types of businesses in areas all over the Southeast United States. He is also partnered with the most reputed jobbers (petroleum distributors) on gas station imaging projects and is considered one of the leaders in the industry in Memphis, TN.

Rafiq Devji is an extensively experienced manager who holds expertise in managing large teams of employees ranging from store associates to managers and supervisors. In his Management career of 24 years, he has operated and run many Convenience stores, Gas stations, Gift shops and 7-Eleven stores.


Mr. Devji possesses a strong background in streamlining store operations. He studies market trends to determine consumer demand, sales volume and impacts of competition. He also holds the responsibility of planning budgets and authorizing expenditures. He is instrumental for the organization in improving operational revenues by reviewing the operational expenses on a periodical basis and providing feedback for cost cutting measures.


Mr. Devji has been engaged in multiple aspects of business such as multi store management, financial reviews of business, building relations with vendors, brokers, financial institutions etc. He has also been a guide and mentor to the team of employees for handling the business. He is the owner and operator of more than 50 Gas stations and convenience stores in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

Rafiq Devji

Chief Operating Officer


Sardar Ali Aman

Chief Investment Officer


Sardar Aman, known to many as Ali, is a business manager with over 20 years of management experience in the Convenience store and Gas station business since 1999. He has owned, managed and leased over 40 Gas stations and convenience stores and 15 Subway stores in Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida and Arkansas. His role primarily involves streamlining the financial operations to achieve greater profitability and implement strict cost discipline in the organization.


Having completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Karachi University and the Industrial and Business Management Diploma from Subway University, Ali went on to build relations with multiple Trade Associations. He is currently a part of National Alliance of Trade Association (NATA) which serves over 3000 members and helps in optimizing purchase via national agreements with vendors resulting in group buying power.


Mr. Aman is engaged in overseeing the financial efficiencies and enhancement of various business ventures under the Radiant umbrella. In addition to this, he also works with vendors, brokers and financial institutions to invite businesses for sale, lease, purchase etc. Maintaining relations with Bankers, Accountants and Attorneys is also a part of his work.


Ali is responsible for analyzing the financial trends of the business and generating periodic executive summaries whilst reporting the financial growth of the business. He maintains financial stability of the business and implements the necessary functions to achieve challenging financial goals. He has held an influential role in employing processes to allow greater productivity and efficiency of the business and establish its market value.

Mr. Kheraj, CFO of Radiant Group, has over 25 years of vast experience in managing multiple types of businesses such as Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Fast food Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Deli, and Creamery. He has been engaged in Financial Services business since 1986. 


Mr. Kheraj possesses multiple educational qualifications. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a Diploma in Business Administration from the Islamabad College for Men, Lahore and an Associate in Science from the San Jose University, California. Post his education, he has been engaged in many different aspects of the business including, but not limited to, single and multiple store management and financial review of all the businesses on an ongoing basis. 


As a CFO, his prime focus has been in bringing the financial discipline required to remain profitable without compromising on the growth. He actively manages the relationships with various financial institutions. As a senior member of the Management Team, he also spends time coaching, mentoring and guiding the managers and supervisors at various locations. He has immensely helped in minimizing employee turnover and maximizing employee morale in the organization. During the last 30 years, he has also undertaken various leadership roles in his community and offered voluntary services to various NGOs.

Badruddin Kheraj

Chief Financial Officer


Carlos A. Sarria

COO - Checkers Restaurants


Carlos Sarria, Chief Operating Officer of the Checkers Restaurants, is responsible for the day to day operations as well as budgeting, forecasting and employee relations. Carlos has a vast amount of experience in managing and operating fast food restaurants in the United States and Europe.


Carlos is a dedicated, results-oriented, proactive leader with 35 years of progressively increasing responsibility with quick service. Carlos has a track record of proven success in managing/leading people, profits while transforming the brand within the respective markets in which he has operated in. As an owner as well as an operator, Carlos has excellent experience and a vast knowledge of managing franchisee outlets for brands such as Burger King and Checkers-Rally's Restaurant. 

Salman Noordin, the Financial Officer for Radiant Group, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Memphis and a Master’s degree in Accountancy from the University of Mississippi. He is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Tennessee and has over 10 years of experience in managing commercial and residential real estate as well as various retail outlets including quick service restaurants.


Salman is responsible for day to day oversight of several aspects of the business including, but not limited to, payables, receivables, periodic financial statements, various accounting and financial reports, analysis of potential investments, legal matters, and provide assistance to operations.


Salman Noordin

Financial Officer