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Radiant Group Industries

Gas station

Radiant Group LLC owns, leases and manages over 150 Gas stations in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida. With the brands like Exxon, Shell, BP , Valero, Texaco, Chevron and Marathon Radiant Group has earned the respect and trust of almost all the Jobbers (Petroleum Distributors) in the area and are consulted by the area’s most reputed Jobbers before taking on new clients as well as management decisions.

Radiant Group has taken 21st century approach in operating many of its Gas stations with creative new concepts like health conscious foods and beverages, beautiful and well lit space and neighborhood friendly stores. Radiant group takes ultimate pride in it’s team of exceptionally talented and hard working managers and employees who have contributed tremendously in the success of the company.

Real Estate

Identifying the potential and the constantly increasing demands of commercial real estate Radiant Group invested heavily in Strip Shopping centers and currently owns, leases and operates multiple convenience stores, strip shopping centers as well as many stand alone stores across the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida.

Fast Food Restaurants

Radiant group has been responsible for rapid expansion of Checkers fast food restaurants in The Greater Memphis area. Today, the group successfully owns and operates ALL of the Checkers restaurants in The Greater Memphis area. In addition to Checkers fast food Radiant Group owns, manages and leases 15 Subway restaurants and multiple delis in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.